Fabric Markers Permanent MINIMAL BLEED 12 Pack premium quality bright dual tip stained fine writers art fabric pens BY Crafts 4 ALL® .Child safe,water-based & non-toxic.


I wanted these to use at my daughters next slumber party. I think the girls would have a blast decorating their own PJ shirt.
I am docking these one star because you kind of have to go over the strokes a couple times to get them to be filled in.
The colors are bright though and the ease of use is simple.
I have not tried washing them in warm water. I will more than likely keep washing them in cold and keep them away from other clothing until they have been washed.
The multi tip on these markers is a very nice feature.
I was pleasantly surprised with how many markers this seller offers at their price point. It makes these a great deal.

I received these Fabric Markers for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

4 star

4 star means I like it

You can purchase these Fabric Markers here.


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