LUCKLED Saline 200 LED String Lights, 72ft Warm White Fairy Decorative Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Decor, Patio, Lawn, Garden, Porch, Party and Holiday Decoration

These are so beyond cool!
Our daughter loves science experiments and this was a perfect one for her to do.
She loved it so much that she wanted to show you all a video of how easy it is to do. This video is the first time of her doing it and she was kind of speechless that they actually worked lol. Way fun to see that happen.
These lights are a great green way to decorate for holidays or special occasions; especially where you need lights but have no outlet or sunshine. We used sea salt in ours and it worked amazingly.
Make sure you read the directions because certain low temperatures require more salt.
These lights are beautiful and so cool!

We received these Saline Powered Lights for free in exchange for our honest and unbiased review.

5 star

5 star means I love it and will for sure buy it at full price

You can purchase these saline lights here.


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