I am a mommy and a wife before I am anything.

I also own my own daycare and I am a Property Manager.

I have a ton of hobbies some of which include: canning, reading, coloring, cooking, reviewing, sewing, and Tae Kwon Do.

I am a firm believer in giving back to your community by being involved. The local organizations I am involved in the most: Anything my daughter is a part of…band, choir, soccer, etc.. I am the VSC for Bountiful Baskets and my daycare puts on several different drives every year including our annual “Feed A Family A Smile” food drive.

All of this means I am like all of the other mommies/daddies, wives/husbands and every other first world human out there today trying to juggle it all.

I have created this blog to help make our lives easier. I will post reviews of products I have tried so you can decide if you want to get them or not waste your time on them. I will post life hacks I have tried so you can determine if they work or not. I will even post crazy stories about our life here.

I use a 5 star ranking system and even have a bonus 5 star plus reserved for items that I could not possibly love anymore! You will be able to tell what I rank each post by the ruby stars above the purchase link. They are as follows:

1 star

1 star means I hate it

2 star

2 star means it could be worse

3 star

3 star means it is okay but I would never get it again

4 star

4 star means I like it

5 star

5 star means I love it and will for sure buy it at full price

5 star love

5 star plus means this is a Ruby favorite!!!

I hope you enjoy yourself here! If there is ever anything you want me to try for you, product/life hack, just head over to my contact me page to shoot me an email or post a comment letting me know!

Thank you!
Stephanie aka Ruby